PURE TABOO Maddy O Reilly BBC Anal at Doctors Exam


PURE TABOO Maddy O Reilly BBC Anal at Doctors Exam – Family Doctor Exploits Favorite Patient Maddy O Reilly Into Anal Sex Exam. Scene Opens With The Camera Focused Tightly On The Exposed Back Of A Woman With A Stethoscope Pressed Against Her Skin. The Camera Travels As The Doctor’s Hand Slowly Moves The Stethoscope Lower Down The Patient’s Back, Which Elicits A Light Gasp And Giggle From The Patient Without Us Ever Seeing Her Face. She Exclaims That The Metal Is A Bit Cold. A Close-up Of Just The Doctor’s Mouth, Biting His Lip Nervously, Shows Us That The Exposed Skin And Flirty Noises Of His Patient Are Distracting Him. ‘sorry,’ Dr. Sumner Says With A Bit Of A Dorky Laugh, ‘just One More Deep Breath Please?’ We Watch Her Exposed Back Rise And Fall Slowly As She Breathes Deep, And Dr. Sumner Stares At Her Mesmerized. ‘gooood,’ He Exclaims Softly. Catching Himself Staring, He Clears His Throat And Lifts The Stethoscope Off Her Back. As He Turns Back To Stand Across From His Patient, We See She Is A Strikingly Beautiful Woman, Yvette. In Fact, Dr. Sumner Finds He Has Trouble Taking His Eyes Off Of Her As He Speaks. ‘well, Your Breathing Checks Out, Blood Pressure Is Normal, And Your Vaccinations Are All Up To Date… Was There Anything Else That’s Been Worrying You That You Wanted Me To Look Into?’ Yvette Looks Uncomfortable As She Tries To Broach The Subject. Actually, Yes, There Was Something Else That’s Been Bothering Her Recently, But It’s A Bit Uncomfortable To Talk About. Dr. Sumner Assures Her That No Topic Is Off Limits, Especially Not For His Favorite Patient, And Yvette Gets A Bit More Relaxed. Well, She Elaborates, She’s Been Feeling Some Discomfort In Her… Well, Her You Know, (‘butthole’ She Mutters Hurriedly), Ever Since She Tried Anal Sex For The First Time With Her Boyfriend A Couple Of Days Ago.

Dr. Sumner Is Visibly Taken Aback, And He Stutters Over A Response As He Fidgets With His Coat And Tie. Yvette Looks Let Down, She Had Hoped That Dr. Sumner Would React More Professionally Than This, But He Apologizes – It’s Simply Because He’s Been Treating Her And Her Family Since She Was A Little Girl, Sometimes He Forgets She’s A 22 Year Old Woman Now. But She’s Right, There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of, What Two Consenting Adults Do In The Privacy Of Their Homes Is Not Any Of His Business. He Remarks That It’s Not Uncommon For Anal Virgins To Experience Some Pain And Discomfort Afterwards, And That The Pain Should Subside After A Day Or Two As Long As She Was Careful, They Went Slowly, And Used Plenty Of Lubricant. Yvette, However, Doesn’t Seem To Have Been Put At Ease – She’s Read About Anal Fissures And Tearing And The Like. Isn’t He Even Going To Take A Look To Make Sure It Isn’t Something More Serious? Dr. Sumner Starts To Say That It’s Not Necessary Since Her Level Of Pain Doesn’t Seem Too Severe, But Then He Cuts Himself Off. Actually, Yes, She’s Absolutely Right, He Should Perform A Thorough Examination. Just To Be Safe. So If She Can Just Please Lift Up Her Dress, Remove Her Underwear, And Bend Over The Table…

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